Terms Of Service

Latest update: March 18,2022
The Metaversus platform (hereinafter referred to as "this platform" or "Platform") and its blockchain industry information services (hereinafter referred to as “this services"or" Services ") are Metaversus LLC. (hereinafter referred to as " this Company "or" Company ") providing a one-stop blockchain gaming and social platform solutions for its users worldwide. The Company operates the websites https://www.metaversus.games and https://app.metaversus.games (hereinafter referred to as "this Website" or "Website") and Mobile application (hereinafter referred to as "Mobile application", "this App"). To protect your rights, please read and fully understand the full terms of this Agreement before registering or using this application.
The company provides users with blockchain industry information services and related services based on the platform, and this agreement is signed by you and the platform.
1/ Confirmation of the Terms Of Conditions
Please read the contents of this agreement carefully first. If you have any questions about the contents of this agreement or the prompt information provided on the page, please do not take the next step. You can consult through [email protected] on this website so that we can explain for you. Your click on the page or otherwise to confirm means you have agreed to this agreement.
Once you click the registration button, you will indicate that you or your authorized representative have agreed to the contents of this agreement and will register and use the website or the application services. If you do not have the aforementioned subject qualification, you and your authorized representative shall bear all the consequences therefrom. If you are a person without capacity or limited civil capacity, please inform your guardian and read this agreement and use our services under the guidance of your guardian. You are also required to comply with the laws of your country or region, and you confirm that entering into and performing this agreement does not violate the laws and regulations of the country or region to which you belong, reside or conduct business activities or other business.
If we modify this agreement, we will publish it in advance through the announcement of the https://www.metaversus.games website, and the changed agreement will take effect within 5 days after the expiration of the announcement. If you cannot agree to change the modified agreement, you have the right to stop using the service; if both parties agree, the Service and the corresponding agreement can be changed.
The platform's obligation to remind the platform users of special attention will be implemented in bold terms in this Agreement to ensure that the platform users can fully understand this Agreement.
You are aware of and agree that the User Agreement (the "Agreement") consists of the text, the Privacy Terms and various rules, statements, instructions that are published on the Website or by the App or may be published in the future.
2/ Relevant Definition of platform services
2.1 Metaversus Platform: In this Agreement, if not to the contrary, the Metaversus platform is a general term of METAVERSUS LLC. and its affiliates, and also includes the website it operates and its associated website and mobile APP platform.
2.2 Platform Users (or "You”, “Users"): In this Agreement, if not to the contrary, platform users (or "You”, “Users") are individuals or businesses who access, use, register or otherwise contact the Metaversus Platform in any other way.
2.3 User registration: You shall fill in the relevant information and confirm it according to the method provided by the platform and as required by the platform, and agree to perform the relevant user agreement.After the user registers, you can get the Metaversus platform account, through which you can use some of the services of the platform. You can also further apply for and verify the Metaversus platform account, and use more services. The specific verification method shall be subject to the prompts on the relevant page of the platform.
2.4 Account: refers to the application account opened by us for you after you log in and obtain the user ID through your email / phone / social media account or decentralized address.If you do not complete the login process, you cannot use the account-related services.
2.5 Account login name: refers to the mobile phone number / email or decentralized address that you set up to log in to the user ID or the app account.After you obtain the app account, the login name of the user identity becomes the login name of your app account.
2.6 Digital assets:refers to a network virtual currency created, distributed and maintained by password technology and verification technology without relying on any practice technology.Digital assets available for trading under the platform include but are not limited to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Thther USD(USDT) and other crypto assets recognized by the platform.
2.7 Digital asset transaction: refers to the transaction behavior of users trading digital assets, borrowing digital assets, digital assets financing and financing and other activities through the platform.
2.8 Deposit: refers to the corresponding digital asset address where the user transfers the crypto assets to the user's Metaversus platform account (the decentralized wallet address is not applicable).
2.9 Withdrawal: refers to the user extracting the digital assets from their Metaversus platform accounts into their digital asset addresses not on the platform.Unless the digital asset address provided by you is not available, the Platform will review the coin request within the reasonable time. After passing the audit, the corresponding digital asset will be transferred to the digital asset address provided by you (the decentralized wallet address is not applicable).
2.10 Authorities: refers to the units that have the right to inquire, freeze or deduct funds in accordance with laws and regulations, including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorates, courts, customs, tax authorities, etc.;
2.11 Limitation: It means that some or all functions of the user identity or account cannot be used and user identity or account balance can be used except for the freeze of the competent authority.
3/ The Nature and Establishment of this Agreement
3.1 This Agreement is a consensus agreement established and effective between you and the Metaversus platform for the platform services you provide using the Metaversus platform.
3.2 You ensure that you have when signing this agreement with the full civil rights and civil capacity, if you do not have the conditions described in this clause, please do not register, otherwise the platform has the right to suspend or terminate your user qualification at any time, and all behavior for you in this platform, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences in accordance with the law.
3.3 Any individual, legal person or other organization has the right to choose not to accept this clause and refuse access, refuse use, refuse registration or refuse to contact the Metaversus platform in any other way.The act of accessing, using, registering or contacting the Metaversus Platform in any other way by individuals, legal persons, other organizations or platform users shall be deemed to accept the full content of this Agreement and form a consistent agreement with the Metaversus Platform for this Agreement.
3.4 Platform Users using newly launched products or services on the Metaversus platform and add or strengthen any current new functions of the Service are subject to the specifications of this Agreement.
3.5 This Agreement includes all the terms of this Agreement and various rules already published by the Platform or may be published in the future.All rules are an integral part of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the Agreement.
4/ Service content provided by the platform
The platform provides users with digital assets, blockchain industry information, decentralized game integration entry, digital asset storage and hosting, Non-Fungible Token casting and trading, decentralized community creation and management, payment, and other derivative financial services.
4.1 Blockchain Industry Information: Provide content and information services to global users.The information may be reproduced from the original company or platform or a third party.
4.2 Decentralized game integration entry: Provide decentralized game integration entry for global users.Decentralized games are produced or distributed by third-party game operators.
4.3 Digital asset storage and custody: open a digital asset custody account for the user, and conduct transfer, payment or other account management activities to the managed digital assets according to the user's instructions.At the same time, provide the user with written records of the transfer and payment of the managed account for the relevant users for reference; and other service contents.
4.4 Non-Fungible Token casting and trading: Provide the casting and trading functions of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for global users.Users may have to pay the cost of token casting or transaction fees or other fees that may arise.
4.5 Decentralized Community creation and Management: Provide decentralized community creation and management functions for global users.In addition to opening the community exclusive content management function, it also provides functions including but not limited to initiating voting, arbitration, community governance committee and so on.
4.6 Digital asset quick payment: Provide users with digital asset quick payment service for individuals, enterprise legal persons or other organizations.
4.7 Platform users have the right to browse the real-time market and trading information of crypto assets on the platform, and have the right to submit crypto asset trading instructions and complete the transactions through the platform.Platform users have the right to view the information under their platform accounts on the platform, and to view the transaction records and transaction details of their own accounts.
4.8 Platform users shall have the right to participate in the platform activities organized by the platform in accordance with the activity rules published by the platform
4.9 Other services provided by the platform for users.
4.10 You understand and agree that Metaversus platform is a one-stop blockchain game and social platform, and that the related platform services under this Agreement are provided by Metaversus platform or Metaversus platform related parties or other third parties.If you intend to use and accept the products and services provided by the Website or the App or Metaversus Platform affiliates or other third parties on the Website or the App, you shall accept this Agreement and other legal documents you have signed for the Products or Services.
5/ Registration, use and cancellation of an account
5.1 Registration
5.1.1 Registration Qualifications: You confirm and promise that when you complete the registration process or actually use the Website or the Website or the Services, you shall be a natural person, legal person or other organization with the applicable laws that can sign this Agreement and have the ability to use the Website or the Services.
5.1.2 Registration process:
(1) You may use the email or mobile phone number you provided or confirmed or other means permitted by the website or the application to enter the website or the application, and all the original typed information will be quoted as registration information.
5.1.3 You shall be responsible for the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of the information filled in or provided to us above, and shall bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom;
5.1.4 If you legally, complete and effectively provide the information required for registration and are verified by us, you will have the right to obtain the account number and password of the website or the application. When you obtain the account number and password of the website or the application, you shall be deemed to have registered successfully and can log in on the website or the application;
5.2 Use
5.2.1 Identity elements are the basis for us to identify your identity, please be sure to keep it properly.Actions and instructions issued using identity elements are deemed to be made yourself.The account, password and other information caused by your reasons are fraudulently used, misappropriated or illegally used, and the risks and losses caused by this shall be borne by yourself.
5.2.2 We may take different verification measures to identify your identity.For example, if your app account is first logged in on the new device, we may identify your identity by password plus verification code.If there are other relevant regulatory requirements for identity factor authentication, we have the right to change the way of identity authentication according to the regulatory requirements.
5.2.3 In order to ensure your account security in the app, please set the app account password to be inconsistent with the user identity.If you find that someone else has falsely used or embezzled your user ID, account login name and password, or your mobile phone or other related equipment is lost, please immediately notify us in an effective way; you can also apply to us to suspend or stop payment and other related services.We will take effective measures to protect your legitimate rights and interests according to the aforementioned situation.Since we need reasonable time to act on your request, if we fail to take effective measures within a reasonable time, we will be liable for the extended loss portion, but we are exempt from liability for instructions executed prior to the action.
5.2.4 User identification and account are only limited to you. Please do not transfer, borrow, gift or inherit, but the relevant digital currency rights and interests in the application account can be inherited according to law.
5.2.5 We may suspend or restrict, or add all of the services, or new functions.
5.2.6 In order to maintain a good network environment, we sometimes need to understand the true background and purpose of using the application account service. If we require you to provide relevant information or information, please cooperate to provide it.
5.2.7 For the security of your transaction, when using the application account service, please verify the identity information of the other party (such as whether the other party has full civil capacity) and carefully decide whether to use the application account service to trade with the other party.
5.2.8 When you pay to a third party, you promise that you use the app account service not only with the laws and regulations of our place of registration, but also with the laws and regulations of the place where you are registered.You promise that your use of this App Account Service will not involve any illegal operations, including but not limited to money laundering, fraud, etc.
5.3 Logout
5.3.1 When you need to terminate the use of the application account service, if you apply for cancellation of the account is in a normal state, that is, your account information is the latest, complete and correct, and the account is not frozen by us or the competent authority, you can apply for cancellation of your user ID or the application account.You understand and confirm that you may be requested by the customer service to ensure that you are a real user of the account.
5.3.2 In order to protect the legitimate interests of you and other users, the user identity or account you apply for cancellation shall have no outstanding rights or obligations or other disputes arising from the cancellation of the account, no outstanding transaction, no balance, and no other such assets.
5.3.3 In order to prevent resource occupation, if your account balance is zero and you do not use your account login name or account for twelve consecutive months or in other ways that we approve, we may cancel the user identity or account, and you will no longer be able to log on to the website or use the relevant user identity or account.If there is a balance on the account or the user, we will assist you in the operation as prompted.For the security of your digital currency and a good network environment, if you have no active transactions within 12 months from the date of opening the app account, we reserve the right to reverify your identity with you. You need to cooperate, and we can also suspend or cancel the account.
5.3.4 If you use the app account for fraud, money laundering or other violations of the legitimate rights and interests of others or other that seriously violate the rules of the website, we can cancel the user id or account under your name, and you will no longer be able to log on the website with the login name of the user id or account.
5.3.5 After the user identification or account cancellation, you will not be able to use our services, and the rights and obligations of both parties will be terminated (unless otherwise agreed herein shall not be terminated or according to its nature), and may also produce the following results:
5.3.6 All the rights and interests associated with the user identity or account will be invalid;
5.3.7 If you breach the contract, infringement or other improper acts or do not complete the contract before canceling the user identity or account, you shall still bear the corresponding responsibilities;
5.3.8 Once the cancellation is successful, the account records and account functions cannot be restored or provided.
6/ The Use Rule
6.1 Platform users shall not transfer or lend their user accounts and passwords to others, nor should they share them with others.If a user discovers that his account is illegally used by others, he shall immediately notify the platform and change the user password.The Metaversus platform shall not bear any responsibility for the illegal use of the user account and user password due to hacking or the custody negligence of the platform users.
6.2 Platform Users agree that Metaversus Platform has the right to place various commercial advertisements or any other commercial information in various ways while providing network services (including but not limited to advertising on any page of Metaversus Platform website), and that Metaversus Platform agrees to send commodity promotion or other relevant business information to users by e-mail or other means.
6.3 Platform users promise that they shall follow the following rules when using the services provided by the platform:
(1) Compliance with the relevant laws, regulations or other provisions applicable to this Agreement;
(2) Abide by all the agreements, terms, regulations and procedures published by the platform;
(3) Ensure the legitimacy of all the sources of digital assets in the account;
(4) Do not use the network service system for any illegal purpose;
(5) The use of the platform's services in any form shall not infringe upon the commercial interests of the platform, including but not limited to the release of commercial advertisements not licensed by the platform;
(6) No services of the platform or systems shall be used to conduct any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile network;
(7) Do not maliciously interfere with the normal operation of the digital assets trading services of the platform or disrupt the transaction order;
(8) Do not interfere with the normal use of other users' services on the platform by any technical means or other means;
(9) It shall not infringe upon the copyright, trademark, patent, privacy, reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests of any other third party;
(10) Do not use the services or systems of the Metaversus platform to conduct any behavior detrimental to the Metaversus platform;
(11) If any illegal use of the user account or account security vulnerabilities are found, the Metaversus platform shall be informed immediately;
(12) When using the services provided by the platform, users should carefully read all the transaction information published by the platform, including but not limited to the currency, price, purchase direction, quantity and term, etc.
6.4 The Metaversus platform has the right to review and supervise the use of all and any services of the Metaversus platform (including but not limited to review the content of the platform users stored on the Metaversus platform).If the platform users violate any of the above provisions, the Metaversus platform or its authorized person shall have the right to require the platform users to correct or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to change or delete the content written by the platform users, suspend or terminate the user's right to use the Metaversus platform) to reduce the impact of user misconduct, the Metaversus platform shall not bear any responsibility.
6.5 In the process of providing network services, Metaversus platforms may make other statements, notices, warnings, rules, etc. through various means (including but not limited to web announcements, email, SMS reminders, etc.). The contents of such statements, notices, warnings or rules shall be regarded as an integral part of this Agreement.If the platform user continues to access, use, register, or contact the Metaversus platform in any other way, the platform user shall be deemed to agree to and accept the statement, notices, warnings, or rules.
7/ Notes and charges for the use of this application account service
7.1 Real registration information: In the process of registration and use of our services, please provide legal, true, effective, accurate and complete information (according to the specific verification needs, may include ID card, passport, business license, bank account certificate, contact information, mailing address, personal biometric information, etc.).In order to better protect the security of your account, please inform us of time.In order to timely and effectively verify your information (including but not limited to identity information, account information, etc.), you agree that we can provide your information to a third party, and a third party can provide your information in accordance with laws, regulations, regulations and regulations or when we believe for verification.You should ensure that the application account login, user identity or account binding email or phone number for yourself, if you occupy other people's email or phone number, to avoid to bring inconvenience or adverse effects to email or phone number holders, also in order to make your account security, we may be the email or phone number from your user identity or remove and remove account.If you occupy someone else's email or mobile phone number, in order to avoid inconvenience or adverse effects to the email or mobile phone number holders, and for the security of your account, we may remove and dissociated the email or mobile phone number from your user ID or account .
7.2 If you are including but not limited to violating the provisions of laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, or in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations or competent authorities, or your account is risky, We may suspend or terminate the payment services for your user identification or / and this application account, or balance, and may limit the product or service functions you use (such as user identification or / and account payment and transactions, or the way, amount, frequency, etc.).
7.3 The use records of the user identity or account and transaction data shall be subject to our system records.If you have any objection to such data, you can submit it to us in time, and we will actively verify it according to the relevant evidence you provide.
7.4 When you use our services, we have the right to charge you for your services in accordance with the charging rules we have set.We have the right to formulate and adjust the service fee, which shall be subject to the announcement of the fee method listed on the website or product page or the other written agreements you have reached with us.Unless otherwise stated or convention, you agree that we are entitled to deduct the above service fees directly from your digital currency balance.
7.5 The users of the platform understand and agree that the platform has the right to charge a fee for the coin withdrawal service provided by the platform users at a rate of [0.1]%, and the platform has the right to directly deduct the fee fee when the platform users withdraw the coins.
7.6 You understand and agree that when the platform users conduct coin withdrawal or other charging services provided by the platform, the platform may not prompt the platform users to use the service, and the platform users shall calculate the service fees payable by the platform users in accordance with these rules and the corresponding charging standards.
7.7 You understand and agree that unless the platform users can submit sufficient evidence to the contrary to prove that the system records of the platform are wrong, the use records, transaction amount and service fees incurred by the platform users shall be subject to the system records of the platform.
7.8 If you have questions about this Agreement, you are welcome to contact this website or this application in writing.The only valid official email address specified by this website or this application is: [email protected].
8/ The User's commitment to legally use the application account services
8.1 You need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of our country or region and the country or region to which you reside or conduct business activities or other business. You shall not use our services for illegal purposes or use our services in an illegal manner.
8.2 You shall not use our services to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others or violate relevant laws and regulations, otherwise we have the right to investigate, delay or refuse to settle accounts or stop providing services, and you shall bear the relevant legal liabilities. If this causes us or other parties to suffer damage, you shall be liable for compensation.
8.3 You understand that our services depend on the accurate operation and operation of the system.In case of system error, failure, you or our improper profit, you agree that we can take appropriate corrective measures such as correcting errors.You agree and understand that with any errors / vulnerabilities based on quotations, offers and activities, we have the right to cancel your order based on such errors / vulnerabilities.
8.4 You shall not reverse engineering our systems and programs, copy, modify, compile, integrate or tamper with the above systems and programs (Including but not limited to source, target, technical documentation, client-to-server-side data, server data), and modify or decrease the functions of our system.
9/ Protection of user rights and interests and information protection
9.1 We always value the security of the balance of your digital assets in this application account. We will be responsible for the theft of your digital currency balance or other loss in the use of our services.
9.2 We value the protection of your information.If you are an individual user, information about you will be protected and regulated under the Privacy Policy; If you are a business or other organization user, we will protect your trade secrets and will not provide provided without your consent.
10/ Limitation of Liability and Exemption
10.1 The Website or the App is not liable for any of the following circumstances:
(1) This website or this application provides your personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations or other normative legal documents or at the requirements of the regulatory authorities;Any dispute arising from the use of your personal information under the circumstances specified in the relevant legal documents signed with you;
(2) Any leakage of personal information caused by your account, password or other personal information leakage not caused by the website or the application; and your property loss caused by the disclosure of the aforementioned personal information;
(3) You or you and any third party engage in false transactions, fraud, money laundering or other illegal acts through this website or this application.
10.2 You understand and agree that the Website or the App shall not be liable for any damages caused to you in any of the following circumstances, including, without limitation, losses of profit, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (whether the Website or whether the Application has been informed of the possibility of such damages):
(1) The website or the application temporarily stops providing all or part of the products or services caused by computer virus intrusion, hacking attack, or government control, or causes your loss;
(2) Any consequences caused by force majeure;
(3) Disclaimers listed in this website or the terms and statements of this Agreement.
10.3 The company in the website or the application of any third party website of any information, products and services and any other form of the company does not make any guarantee and commitment, if you use the third party website to provide any services, information and products are your personal judgment risk decision and bear the risk and possible losses.
10.4 You know and understand that because the laws, regulations and policies on the blockchain asset field around the world are not sound, the blockchain assets may pose major risks such as cash failure, large price fluctuations and technical instability.We are careful to remind you to rationally choose to hold or dispose of any kind of blockchain assets according to your financial position and risk preference;
10.5 The Company makes no express or implied warranty about your use of the Website or the Application Services, including but not limited to the applicability, absence of errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, or application to a particular use.At the same time, the Company does not make any commitment and guarantee of the effectiveness, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the services provided on this website or this application.Whether to log in or use the services provided by the website or the app is your personal decision and your risks and possible losses.
10.6 The warranty and commitments set forth herein in this Agreement are the only guarantees and representations provided by the Company in respect to this Agreement and the services provided on this Website or the Application, and supersedes any other way and means arising from warranty and promise, whether written or oral, express or implied. All these warranties and representations merely represent the commitments and warranties of the Company itself and do not guarantee any third party to observe the warranties and commitments contained in this Agreement.
10.7 The Company does not waive any right to limit, exempt or offset our liability for damages to the maximum extent by of the law as not mentioned in this Agreement.
11/ Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
11.1 All rights (including copyright, trademark, patent right, trade secrets, and other related rights) of all products, technology, software, programs, data and other information (including text, icon, pictures, photos, audio, video, graphics, color combinations, layout design), are owned by the Company or its affiliates,except as otherwise noted, and are protected by relevant laws and regulations. Any unauthorized use is illegal and shall be liable according to law.
11.2 This website or the application respect intellectual property rights, against and combat the infringement of intellectual property rights, if you as the right holder think this website or the application content infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, can be in written form to this website or the application, and provide valid identity proof, ownership, specific links and detailed infringement proof,This website or this application will be timely deal with accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the rules of this Website or this application.
12/ Anti- money laundering
12.1 The Metaversus platform complies with and implements the provisions of international anti-money laundering laws, identifies users, keeps customer identities and transaction records, and reports large and suspicious transactions.
12.2 User registration, report the loss login account, login password or transaction password, shall provide the platform required by the identity information (including but not limited to telephone number, contact information, etc.), Metaversus platform will identify and check users upload proof information, when Metaversus platform has reasonable reason to suspect that users use false identity or false identity to register or the platform operation, have the right to refuse to register, stop service or cancel the registered account.
12.3 The Metaversus platform will keep transaction records of large transactions and suspected money laundering acts. When the relevant regulators request to provide transaction records, it has the right to provide large transactions and suspected money laundering acts.
12.4 FORETOKEN Fortis Financial will keep user information, large transactions and available transaction records, and assist and cooperate with judicial and administrative organs to fight against money laundering activities in accordance with the law.
13/ Risk Warning
13.1 You understand that the digital assets themselves are not issued by any financial institution or company or this website.
13.2You understand that digital assets are mainly used by speculators, and relatively rarely used in retail and commercial markets. Digital assets are extremely risky, with 24-hour uninterrupted trading, no fluctuation limit,and prices are prone to large fluctuations affected by government policies and other factors.
13.3 You understand that digital asset transactions may be suspended or prohibited at any time due to the formulation or revision of laws, regulations and normative documents of various countries, and all losses caused thereby shall be borne by the users themselves;
13.4 You understand that investing in digital assets can cause some or total losses, so you should determine the amount of losses you can afford.
13.5 You understand that in addition to the above mentioned risks, there are other not mentioned or not predicted risk, you should carefully consider and clear judgment to assess their financial situation and the risks, and then make any decision to buy and sell digital assets, and bear all the resulting losses, the platform does not bear any responsibility.
13.6 You understand and agree that, for the purpose of this Agreement, the Platform has the right to obtain, without your prior consent, to directly place part or all of the digital assets pledged or deposited in the Metaversus Asset Exchange in accordance with the contract between you and the Platform.
13.7 You understand and agree that when the digital assets you pledged or deposited on the platform touch the flat line agreed with the platform, the Platform does not have your prior consent, and has the right to directly dispose of part or all of the digital assets deposited in the exchange according to the contract between you and the platform to make up for the losses of both parties.
14/ Change, interruption, or termination of the service
14.1 Platform users know and accept, Metaversus platform need regularly or irregularly to provide network service platform (such as Internet website, mobile network, etc.) or related equipment overhaul or maintenance, such as such service in a reasonable time of interruption, Metaversus platform need not bear any responsibility, but Metaversus platform will notice as far as possible.
14.2 Platform users confirmed that due to the extremely high risk of crypto asset trading, its 24-hour uninterrupted trading, no fluctuation limit, the price is prone to rise and fall phenomenon,if the Metaversus platform has the phenomenon of the Crypto assets have skyrocketed and plunged during the service interruption and suspension conducted base on this contrast by the platform, users cannot claim any responsibility to the Metaversus platform if the system cannot operate during this time.
14.3 In any of the following circumstances, the Metaversus Platform shall interrupt or terminate the network services of the Platform users without any responsibility to the Platform users or any third party:
(1) The information provided by the platform users is not true;
(2) The platform user violates any agreement under this Agreement;
(3) The registered user name in violation of relevant laws and regulations;
(4) The registered email address is determined to be invalid;
(5) According to the requirements of government organs, administrative organs or judicial organs and other government departments.
14.5 The Metaversus platform shall not assume any responsibility if any of the following situations cause the Metaversus platform service interruption, the platform users are unable to use the various services:
(1) Repairing or maintenance of systems or equipment of the Metaversus platform based on Article 14.1 of this Agreement;
(2) The telecommunication equipment fails for data transmission;
(3) Service interruption or delay caused by hacking attacks, technical adjustment or failure of telecommunications departments, website upgrade or other reasons of non-Metaversus platform;
(4) The Metaversus platform cannot provide services due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attacks and government actions.
15/ compensation for breach of contract
15.1 Unless otherwise agreed herein, if Metaversus Platform causes losses to platform users by violating relevant laws, regulations or any provision of this Agreement, Metaversus Platform shall bear the actual losses suffered by platform users thereby.
15.2 If the information provided by the platform users is untrue, inaccurate and incomplete to Metaversus platform, the platform has the right to platform to compensate for all the losses of Metaversus platform (including but not limited to direct losses, indirect losses and Metaversus platform to safeguard their own rights and interests caused by attorney's fees, travel, accommodation, legal, arbitration, preservation, etc.).
15.3 Platform users shall try their best to protect and safeguard the interests of Metaversus platform and other Metaversus platform users. For losses caused to Metaversus platform or any other third party in violation of relevant laws, regulations or any provision under this Agreement, platform users shall bear full liability for compensation and damages including but not limited to direct losses, indirect losses and Metaversus platform to safeguard their own rights and interests caused by attorney's fees, travel, accommodation, legal, arbitration, preservation, etc.
16/ Special Note
16.1 Platform users must be equipped with the equipment needed for Internet access and using value-added telecommunications services, and bear the communication and information fees charged by Internet access or third parties (including but not limited to telecommunications or mobile communication providers).If the telecom value-added services are involved, the Metaversus platform recommends that the platform users confirm the related costs with their telecom value-added service providers.
16.2 Links to other web pages or advertisements may exist on the web pages of the Metaversus platform, which is not responsible for the content, privacy policies, companies operating or operating of any other website.Before clicking on the links provided by these websites, please consider carefully to protect own rights and interests and security.
17/ The Modification of this Agreement
17.1 The Metaversus Platform has the right to update the contents of this Agreement at any time without further notice.The Metaversus platform will publish the revised agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "later agreement"). If the later agreement is inconsistent with the contents of the original agreement before the modification, the agreement of the later agreement shall prevail.Platform users can log on to the Metaversus platform at any time to check the latest user agreement.
17.2 If the platform users do not agree to the modification of this Agreement, they may refuse to have access, refuse to use, refuse to register, or refuse to contact the Metaversus platform in any other way.Any access, use, registration or otherwise contact with the Metaversus Platform of individuals, enterprises or platforms after the modification of this Agreement shall be deemed to have accepted the modification of this Agreement and formed a consistent agreement with the Metaversus Platform for the modification of this Agreement, and take effect.
18/ Service of notice
18.1 Under the terms of this Agreement, privacy statement and other statements, notices, warnings and rules of the Metaversus platform, all notices of the platform users may be made by means of web announcements, email, mobile phone messages or regular letters, which shall be deemed to be delivered to the recipient on the date of delivery.
18.2 The notification of the Metaversus platform by the platform users shall be delivered through the mailing address, fax number, email address and other contact information officially published by the Metaversus platform.
19/ Modification and Termination of the Agreement
19.1 The Website or the application shall have the right to cancel your website or the application account in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement shall terminate on the date of account cancellation.
19.2 The Website or the Application shall have the right to terminate all services of the Website or the Application in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement shall terminate on the date of termination of all services of the Website or the Application.
19.3 Upon termination of this Agreement, you shall not have the right to require the Website or the App to continue to provide you with any services or perform any other obligations, including, but not limited to, require the Website or the Application to retain or disclose to you any information in the original Website or the App account, or to forward any information not read or sent to you or a third party.
19.4 Termination of this Agreement shall not affect the non-breaching party demands liability from the breaching party.
20/ Law application and jurisdiction
The effect, interpretation, change, execution and dispute resolution of this Agreement are subject to United States law.Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with United States law.