How can I find and play Web3 games on MetaVersus?

Go to the Games page and we have prepare all you need here:
Games overview. We have collected thousands of Web3 Games listing by hot degree, main nets, devices and types. You can search the games you are interested in or find them through screening.
Go to the Ranking page and we make it easy for all users to find and play Web3 games.
Rankings. Here you can see the list of all games rank in hot degrees or other index such as status, main nets, NFT supprt or not, free or not and play to earn or not.

What else can I learn about these games?

Click the Details button on the overview page or click the games on the ranking page to open the detail page of each game.
On the page of each game, we list the blockchain(s) and device(s) it supported and the related token(s) and price. You can also find the social score and contract address of the game.

Are there any guidance to the games?

For the beginners, we have prepared some articles for your to better understand most popular games and more about their teams or developers.
For experienced players, you can find some playing Strategies on the home page or at the bottom of the detail page of each games.
If there was nothing about the games you are interested in, contact our content team via email [email protected] and we will do better for you.